Thursday, March 14, 2013

How to game Priceline to get the best deal on a hotel room

Click here to read this article by Dave Seminara

Other interesting sites as mentioned by Dave Seminara are as follows

Bidding for Travel
Better Bidding
Bidding Traveller

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Looking for guidance while buying things? Here are some smart sites/apps that can help you!

I came across the following sites and an app that help you with recommendations on what are the things in demand and what to buy!!!




You also have the following iPhone App that can help you with the recommendations when you are in a shop!


Sunday, January 06, 2013

How to upload the videos from DVD ( VOB files ) to YouTube?

It is very simple.  One can simply upload the VOB files directly  into YouTube without any conversions.  Yoututbe accepts VOB files directly.   Cool!  
How to edit Videos in youtube using youtube video editor?

After you upload your video to Youtube, you might want to trim it.  Here is a nice video that explains what needs to be done.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How to transfer photos from computer to the Iphone camera roll?

The easiest way is to e-mail those pictures to your e-mail account that you can access thru your iPhone mail client.  Even when you have multiple pictures, it is very easy to multi select and attach all those pictures in one go to your e-mail.

Then, go to your iPhone and access your mail.  Now, click the reply ICON and it comes up with many options.  One of the option to save all the images in the attachment to your iPhone.  When you select this option, it saves all the images into one go into your camera roll.

The advantage of putting your images in camera roll are plenty.  I found it very easy/useful to access them thru Photo Streams from your TV, using Apple TV box. When you access your photos this way, you can see your pictures on your high definition TV with many special effects while paying your favorite music in the back ground thru your home theater. Great way to enjoy photos with family and friends!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Keep the Cell Phone bills to minimum during overseas travel ...

After travelling all over the world and trying many different ways to manage my telephone bills and the data plans, here are my findings to manage the costs.

The best scenario is to have a cell phone working on WI-FI all the time. There are many IP based software APPs ( like Skype, Viber, Vonage etc )on the smart phones ( like iPhone or Android based phones and some other smart phones ) that work great and allow you to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world for all most free. Unfortunately, it is not easy to get connected to WI-FI during the over seas travel. So, while we can use our USA based smart phones while they are connected to WI-FI, we need to find other options to make and receive calls from anywhere during our travel. There are a combination of things that I do contain the costs. Some times, there could be more effective ways to handle these issues depending on which country you are located/travelling. Here are a few tips. These are only my views and my experiences. There could be better options that I am not aware of but like to learn. Please comment and share your experiences.

1) MagicJack and a Telephone: I carry this kit all the time with me during my overseas travel. This works best in a scenario where I am near a computer that is connected to Internet. I usually use this when I am in a Hotel Room and my Laptop is connected to Internet. Magic Jack is a small sized connected that gets connected to the USB drive on your laptop. You can plug-in the telephone on the other end. Voila. You now have a telephone working and all your calls to USA are free from anywhere in the World. Click here to learn more about MagicJack.

2) Use local Phone in the foreign country + Call forwarding thru This arrangement works great to receive calls from USA or other countries into the local phone. Here is how it works.

Visit, register and then buy a local phone number in your country. In USA, we pay around .99 USD/month to keep this number. The advantage with this number is that you can forward calls from this number to any international numbers. When I travel overseas, I take a local phone for rent in the air port and then forward my USA cell phone to the USA local number from and then forward the number to the rental cell phone. Make sure that the rental cell phone does not charge you for the incoming calls. Many rental cell phones in many countries do not charge for the in coming calls. So, when some one in USA calls to your USA cell number, that call can be received in the rental phone of any country. What you are paying here is to the for international forwarding. Their rates are quite reasonable for such an international forwarding compared to the roaming charges that we pay to the USA cell phone company. For example, I paid 14 cents / minute when I receive calls from USA to my Japan's cell phone to

This is lot better compared to the roaming charges that I pay to my USA carrier.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Save a ton using Magicjack (VOIP device) during overseas travel

This devise saved me atleast 1000 USD in my recent Europe trip.

It is a very useful device to carry, when you are travelling outside USA. It is very small. Almost like a bigger USB drive. Its interface is excellent. Connect it to your Laptop USB drive during your business travel. Other side of the device has regular telephone jack interface. While I am in hotel, I dis-connect my hotel telephone from the wall and connect to this Magic jack device. Its is this user interface that makes it so easy to use. Once it is connected, I use the telephone to call any USA number as I call from USA. So, this needs that our laptop is connected to internet. In business travel, our laptops are mostly connected to internet anyway. This device is very convenient to use from hotel rooms or home etc. as it connects to laptop. One of the drawback is that we can not use it while we are on road unless your PC is on and connected to internet. Similarly, receiving the calls is also not very convenient unless we are near the computer. But, it is the best way to call to USA during overseas travel, from hotel rooms from any where in the world. Here is the best part. It costs around < 40 USD / Yr.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

6 Best Twitter applications to manage your Twitter followers

There are many applications that help you manage your Twitter followers. Some of them help in mass un following and following. I personally found that these tools are not very effective as you like to be aware whom you are following and not following. ex. if you un follow in bulk, you miss many celebrities and important people ( who may not follow you, but you still like to follow them to get their tweets). After struggling with many applications, I found the following few to be quite useful.

1) Twellow : I found Twellow to be the No 1 application to manage your Twitter followers. I rate it high because, you can ask it to list all the people whom you are following but those that are not following you. While many applications provide this list, Twellow is unique in providing the people's profile as a part of the list. This is very important information for you to decide whom to unfollow selectively.

2) TwitterCounter : This application will show you how many new users one is adding per day. You can add TwitterCounter to your site / blog / social network.

3) Qwitter : It is also good to keep an eye on who is not following you anymore. Qwitter e-mails you when someone stops following you on Twitter with a message.

4) Twitterfriends : Find out the hidden network of Twitter contacts that are really relevant for you. I liked the quick stats that this app provides. You can also see who of your Twitter friends are online this very moment.

5) Mr. Tweet: I found this application to be quite useful in finding new and relevant people to follow. It will analyze your Twitter network, help you discover interesting people, and also recommends you to others.

6) WeFollow : One can find new and relevant followers with keyword search, of interest. It is good to list your profile here and use this site to find new people as well as get found by others.

Update on 01/20/2012

7) Manageflitter : I found that this site is easy to use to manage the followers. If you like to find who is not following you from the ones that you are following, this site is quite helpful.